“Alejandra, Mother NaturAle, made my pregnancy and birth experience of my third child unforgettable. Often, a pregnancy can go by so quickly because you are anticipating your child’s arrival and cannot wait for the day you are a parent to a precious new life.  Alejandra helped me to relish in all the aspects of pregnancy to postpartum.  She captured my journey through beautiful pregnancy photographs and birth photographs.  As my doula she always knew when to check up on me and the simple phone calls that showed she was thinking of me and my experience.  On the day of my labor, she was a calm and gentle friend by my side.  I felt her supporting me and helping me to reach my inner wisdom and strength for the natural birth experience that I had longed for.  After the birth, she assisted me with a baby who had trouble latching as we figured out how to get my little one to breastfeed.  Her peaceful presence is contagious and just what I needed to get through postpartum days as a new mother with two other children to care for.  I was so grateful that she encapsulated my placenta.  Those pills played a key role in returning my energy and giving me a quick and positive recovery experience.   Alejandra was born to be a doula.  She helps every pregnant women to feel the experience as the glowing goddesses they are. 
Sara W. 

“Alejandra supported the birth of my daughter almost 3 years ago. When I think back on it I smile and feel a rush of empowerment. Alejandra’s presence at my birth gave us a sense of peace and warmth. She was constantly giving me water, positive affirmations, and physical comfort. I remember during transition I kept saying “I can’t do this anymore”, Alejandra said I was doing it with a confidence that hit me powerfully. A few weeks before our birth Ale gave me a Blessing Way. This ceremony meant so much to me. I felt like a pregnant goddess as I received massages, a floral crown, and henna. We also made a birth bracelet and birth affirmation signs. Each of those elements prepared me for the most transformative event of my life. I am proud to call Alejandra my doula and soul sister. She had such an impact on me I am now a doula. I would highly recommend her doula services to any woman looking for a positive empowered birth. Maybe one of the most important roles Ale filled was a support person for my husband. To this day he sings her praises. She allowed my husband to be present for me, eye to eye. He did not have to worry about progressive birth positions or helping me cope with the sensations of labor. He was free to embrace me and give his love without distraction because Ale was maintaining so many other important aspects of the labor.”
Maggie S..

“Alejandra was the perfect person the nurture and attend to my needs during the birth of my second child. I had done a lot of preparation to avoid a repeat C-section, and very carefully chose the team of people to support me during my trial of labor. Alejandra has a most angelic bedside manner, and she just enveloped me in the glow of her gentle, ever-present smile throughout my labor.  I truly believe she and was an integral part of the successful outcome of my daughter’s natural water birth. After the birth, her knowledge and skills were invaluable to me on a range of topics. She came to my home to prepare my placenta for encapsulation, gave me all sorts of breastfeeding and herbal advice, and held the baby when I needed to shower. The perfect postpartum doula! While I was still pregnant, I utilized her services as a maternity/family photographer, and was thrilled with the results. Through the lens of her camera, I was glorious, the very essence of womanhood, even though most days I felt less than radiant. She captured some beautiful moments between me and my then 2.5 year old, which I will cherish forever. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Alejandra DeMaio! I am truly blessed to know her, and look forward to enjoying her warmth and creativity for many years to come.”

Jen L. 

“Alejandra with Mother NaturAle did such a wonderful job on my belly cast. I really wanted to have one done, but being a small business owner myself the time seemed to get away from me. So by the time I got around to it I was around 39 weeks prego and feeling it. Alejandra made me feel completely comfortable and the end result was a beautiful piece of art that our family will enjoy always. I’m looking forward to having my second one done in 2015 for baby # 2. Thanks again!”

Wendy D.

“It is my pleasure to recommend Alejandra DeMaio as a birth doula. Early on in my pregnancy, my husband and I knew we wanted to hire a doula who would help us have a more natural birth experience although we would be delivering at a hospital. We interviewed four different doulas including Alejandra. Alejandra was the last doula we interviewed, and by far the best. Her warm personality put us at ease right away and unlike some of the other doulas who seemed to be bothered by all of our questions, Alejandra was open, honest, and welcoming of them.
 Alejandra did not disappoint. Throughout my pregnancy she was frequently in touch. She provided valuable advice and educational resources based on my areas of interest. Throughout my long labor of two days, Alejandra was constantly by my side providing soothing words of comfort, suggesting and assisting with various positions, and helping me cope when I was exhausted and wanted to give up. She also was a great support to my husband, allowing him to take breaks as needed and coaching him on how to best assist me during the long process.
 My child was born late at night and it was a while before I was able to breastfeed him. Alejandra stuck around until two in the morning to help me position my baby and make sure he was able to latch! She stopped by after the birth to make sure we were all doing okay and a couple of  weeks later she visited our home to make sure breastfeeding was going well and to answer my questions and concerns. I’ve met very few people who are as genuine, generous, patient, and kind as Alejandra. I cannot imagine having gone through the labor and delivery process without her. She truly made a huge difference for us and I recommend her without reservations. We have grown to not only view her as our doula but as a friend to our family. Alejandra is very talented and offers additional services which I feel are worth mentioning. We hired Alejandra to take our pregnancy photos. She did an amazing job and we have some beautiful, artistic prints to remember this special period in our lives. Everyone raves about the beautiful photographs! We also decided to keep the placenta so Alejandra could encapsulate it. She delivered the pills to me a couple of days later. Encapsulating my placenta was a great decision. My mood and energy post baby have been amazing. My milk production is great as well. I attribute these great results to the placenta pills I take every morning. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us, Alejandra!”
Wendy B. 

“Alejandra is very committed to her clients, she feels a deep passion for what she does and that makes her work even more professional. We, as a family, enjoyed our time together for pregnancy photos, belly casting and henna. She was also part of our home birth team and I couldn’t believe she got such beautiful memories of what seemed such a hard experience for me at the time. Above all, I admire her peace and serenity at all times”

Barbara B..

“I was very scared of the baby blues especially since I was feeling sad already throughout my pregnancy. I found out about placenta encapsulation through my midwife who had tried it with her second child and said there was a big difference in her energy level, mood and milk supply. A friend who had the same positive experience referred me to Mother NaturAle. I was glad I did it! Alejandra was very friendly and professional. She explained the process and answered all my questions. She made it easy for me by picking up the placenta during my hospital stay and dropping off the capsules at my house. The capsules kept my mood stable through my darkest, toughest nights and my milk supply was just right for my baby. And she even made me some creative keepsakes that I will always cherish. I will be sure to do this again with my next pregnancy. It was very worth it!”
Aida L. 

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