Wrapping the belly is an important part of your postpartum recovery. It aids the body to shrink and recover in shorter period of time, normally six to eight weeks. A Bengkung belly wrap provides your postpartum body with complete support to assist abdominal wall muscle retraction, improve posture, stabilize loosened ligaments, and provide support to the torso while vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size and position.

During pregnancy our bodies retains water, fat, and air which cause swelling and expansion in many body parts, including the organs in the womb area such as the cervix and vagina. The water retained by cells support the amniotic fluid and the purpose of the air is to cushion the baby, the internal organs, and bones as our center of gravity shifts and baby grows bigger and bigger. This is why a most mamas gets more and more swollen during the last months of pregnancy. When your baby is born, the excess water, fat, and flatulence are no longer needed and the cells will naturally release and shrink back to their pre-pregnant size. However, the purpose of a post-pregnancy wrap is to speed up this process with constant pressure on the abdomen and torso area.

A long post-pregnancy wrap provides a holistic support to all the abdominal and pelvic organs, including the muscles in the pelvic area. Support to the pelvic area is very important in the immediate weeks after birth as the cervix dilates 10 cm when active labor is reached (the equivalent to the size of an average bagel). Therefore, the pressure of a longer wrap on the hip area helps the cervix shrink and allows the pelvic muscles to heal without being further stretched. Steady, pressured support on the hips allows the body to “close” more easily than if just left in its expanded state. The Bengkung style of binding is known to help heal diastasis recti (abdominal separtaion) with the constant supportive pressure on the abdomen area.

Traditionally Belly Binding is done daily for 40 days postpartum starting on day 3-4 after birth. Although it is most effective and best used during the first 8 weeks postpartum, it can be useful for support during anytime of the postpartum period.



Belly Binding services are ONLY offered LOCALLY in the Central Florida area.

Traditional Bengkung Belly Wrap Deposit $50.00 Small Buy Now Button

Traditional Bengkung Belly Binding Session $100.00 Small Buy Now Button

* I will come to your home in the early postpartum days (ideally day 3 or 4 after the birth) to wrap you once. The session includes a light womb massage to warm and stimulate blood flow to the area on and around the abdomen, resulting in the firming, toning, and strengthening of the internal stomach muscles as well as the loose abdominal skin. This womb rub stimulates the body to release retained water in the tummy and torso area and smells delicious! After the light massage, I will wrap your womb in a belly bind. You will keep the wrap for a period of 40 days and then return the wrap and receive your $50 deposit back. If the wrap is damaged or lost, the $50 deposit will be retained.

Traditional Bengkung Belly Binding Package $250.00  Small Buy Now Button

* Package includes Bengkung Belly Binding wrap and three Binding Sessions in the early postpartum days with a light womb massage. I will come to your home in the early postpartum days to wrap you and rub your womb on three different days within the first month postpartum. You will keep the wrap for a period of 40 days from the first session and then return the wrap and receive your $50 deposit back. If the wrap is damaged or lost, the $50 deposit will be retained.

Postpartum Healing Ceremony $300.00 Small Buy Now Button 

* During this private at-home rite of passage Postpartum Healing Ceremony, we’ll begin with a sealing birth milk bath with herbs and flowers. This space will be created for you to relax, be honored, and reflect on your birth journey. After the bath, you will be kept warm and escorted to your bed where you will be nurtured by a warming oil rub down, aromatherapy, reiki, and rebozo tuck in where I’ll be “closing” you by gently wrapping your head, midsection and pelvic area, to help facilitate shrinkage of the uterus guide the bones back to their original positioning and assist in energetically sealing the birth process.  Then you will enjoy a nourishing cup of tea and finally you’ll receive a light womb massage and Belly Binding Session. You will keep the wrap for a period of 40 days and then return the wrap and receive your $50 deposit back. If the wrap is damaged or lost, the $50 deposit will be retained. Please allow 2-3 hours for your postpartum healing ceremony.

If you have any questions or you wish to book please email me at alejandra@mothernaturale.com or call me at  (407) 780 5515


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    • Hi Amanda! If you are not local but interested in a belly bind wrap, you can order one from me. Send me your email and I will invoice you. The cost is $80 and comes with simple instructions on how to bind. Please keep in mind this is not something you can put on yourself, so you’ll have to ask someone to bind you.

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  3. Hey! Love these wraps. I was wondering would they be beneficial 20 months post birth? I have muscle separation and would love to know if these wraps would help! Thank you!

  4. I would love to order one of these. I find that the one given to me in the hospital was just uncomfortable and would always come loose. It was velcro… And would dig into my hips. With my upcoming c-section, This would be perfect. What are in the ingredients used for the belly firming paste?

  5. Hi 🙂
    I just wanted to know if the wraps you sell are the same as the one pictured? I absolutely LOVE the material used in the photo. Also, can you post to Australia? Thanks.

    • Hi there – does this mean you will be in the Portland, OR area soon? I would love to find out more about the binding and wrap.

      • Rebecca, I will be in Portland for the entire month of June if you wish to schedule a binding session or ceremony there. The wrap itself can be purchased and it ships anywhere. Please let me know if you have any further questions or if you wish to book a service. You can email me at alejandra@mothernaturale.com. Thanks!

    • The wrap goes low enough for support but high enough to go to the bathroom or have a sitz bath. It can be worn directly on your skin or on top of a shirt if that is more comfortable

  6. I am curious, does this help if it has been three years? I had twins and they wrecked the function and balance ever since. I cannot seem to get my middle back into sync with my system again. If so, do you ship to Alaska?

  7. What a wonderful website! I wish I had found this web page 8 months ago when my daughter was born! I have been wearing a Belly Bandit but would love to have a custom all organic material Bengkung. Unfortunately I live outside of Boston, MA. If I order, will the fit be true to the body?

  8. I had my baby 8 months ago today, I am 42 and don’t feel like I am back to normal, would this help me or is it too late?

  9. wow! why didn’t I find your bengkung 3 years ago… haha! love your design.. absolutely beautiful!
    great job! i’d recommend my friends if they want to look for an exclusive handmade bengkung.

  10. I am a single mother (Due in Dec 2014). Would I be able to wrap this on myself? I don’t think my 9 YO old son would be interested in helping me:)

    • I don’t think is something you are able to put on by yourself that easily. However I have not attempted it so I am not entire sure it is impossible. Will you have any other family member around in early postpartum?

  11. Hello- so this wrap you can take it off when taking a shower? and then put it on the next day easily or does my hubby need to bind it everytime?

    • You would have to remove it to shower and yes someone would need to rebind you. The wrap comes with instructions so your husband can help you put it on. Some women do a sitz bath instead of a full body shower if you don’t want to re-wrap as often.

  12. Hello, I have been meaning to purchase something like this and have 3-4 was left of my pregnancy. I just found your website and would prefer to order from here. Can I get the wrap sooner than3 weeks. My concern is that baby may arrive sooner than the wrap! It’s my fault for not ordering sooner!
    Thank you!

    • Congratulation on your pregnancy and upcoming birth! You can order now and I can have it ready in about a week. I have posted that it takes 2-3 weeks because I often have lots of orders. At the moment I only have a couple ahead of you so it would be no problem. Please use the link to pay. Once I receive payment, I’ll process your order and ship it as soon as possible!
      Thanks for choosing Mother NaturAle!

  13. I have a bengkung and love it but I’m having some issues. My hips are very wide, ESP compared to my waist. When I’m bound, the upper passes start to roll. What is wrong?

  14. Hi! Is belly binding still worth doing almost 2 years post partum? I suspect I may have a diastasis and have heard it may be useful.

  15. Hola soy de medio tengo ahora 1 mes imedio. Soy de México distrito federal y cuanto me saldría precio mexicano ,

    • Hola! Mas o menos te saldria en $1620.79 con el envio incluido. Pero no tengo forma de recibir pago en pesos, solo en dolares a travez de paypal. Puedes pagar con tarjeta de credito.

  16. I am due in 20 days (or less). Do currently have a lot of orders? Are the instructions available to see if it is something I want to add to my postpartum life?

    • Congratulations on your upcoming birth!! Currently I have 5 orders to be made and ship before Christmas. The current turn around is 1-2 weeks. The wrap does come with step by step easy to follow instructions.

  17. How soon can I wear this wrap , I had a c-section . Im hoping i can still wear it, because I was really looking forward to wearing it.. but had a section .. thanks

  18. What are the dimensions? Do they fit all sizes even for smaller people? I am fairly thin and have a shorter torso and don’t know if it would be too long or if that’s not an issue.

  19. Hello! Wondering if you can pick a certain fabric? I really like the purple and teal swirl, but didn’t see where to pick the fabric. Thanks!

    • When you purchase, a paypal window should open up and there is a section there titled “Note to Seller” in that space you should specify what fabric you want and also enter your shipping address so your wrap can be shipped to you once it is ready.

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