What is a Doula?

A Doula is a non-medical birth assistant with experience in pregnancy, labor, and childbirth who offers continuous physical and emotional support as well as, informational guidance throughout pregnancy, childbirth and early postpartum.

Having a Doula at your birth:

  • Tends to result in shorter labor
  • Improves maternal and infant outcome
  • Reduces the use of medications like Pitocin, forceps, or vacuum extraction
  • Reduces the chances of a c-section
  • Facilitates breastfeeding initiation
  • Reduces negative feelings the mother may have about her childbirth experience

A Birth Doula:

  • Understands the physiology of pregnancy, labor, and birth, and understands the emotional needs of a woman in labor.
  • Assists the mother in preparing for and carrying out her plans for birth.
  • Maintains continuous, focused attention on the mother and stays with the her throughout her entire labor and birth.
  • Creates a safe, nurturing environment for a laboring woman to allow her body to tell her what may be best as she goes through the stages of childbirth.

Mother NaturAle was awarded BEST DOULA in 2018!!

Best Doula PG

Initial consultation is FREE. This is an opportunity to get to know each other, ask questions, and discuss your anticipated birth needs and desires. There is no obligation and you’ll be able to determine if I am the doula you would like at your birth.

Best Doula Package rate is $1,000 and includes:

  • Two prenatal home visits (two hours each). On our First Visit: We will discuss and practice ways to prepare your mind + body  for childbirth, explore your birth options, comfort measures and  practice movements for  pregnancy labor & birth. On our Second Visit: We will design a postpartum plan and address any concerns you may have. Along with a “Get Ready to Breastfeed” session.
  • Phone/email availability throughout your pregnancy so you can ask any questions that may come up.
  • Continuous support for you and your partner during labor and birth.
  • Assistance initiating and establishing breastfeeding. I am an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant)
  • One postpartum home visit (within two weeks after birth), where we can assess and address any breastfeeding issues, process the birth experience, and discuss any questions you may have. I  will provide assistance with breastfeeding and postpartum healing and any referrals needed.
  • Access to Mother Naturale’s extensive Lending Library of DVDs and Books.
  • Discounted prices for additional services I offer.

The fees are to be paid as follows:

  • $500 as a non-refundable retainer fee, due on first prenatal visit when you hire me as your doula. 

  • $500 due on second prenatal visit.

I accept cash, check, credit card, Paypal, Venmo, and Zelle.

I believe every woman deserves a Doula so if you are not able to afford my fee please contact me to discuss special arrangements.

ADDITIONS to Basic Doula Package:

If you hire me as your Doula and wish to add ONE of these additional services, you will receive a 15% discount.

If you wish to add THREE or more additional services, you’ll receive a 20% discount off total. Check out the Ale-inclusive which includes ALL my services with a huge discount!

  • Belly Casting: 15% off(Regular price $200.00)
  • Belly Henna: 15% off (Regular price $75.00)
  • Photography: 15% off (Package Prices Vary $120.00-$250.00)
  • Placenta Encapsulation:  15% off (Regular price $200.00)
  • Bengkung Belly Binding: 15% off (Regular price $100) *discount does not apply to wrap deposit ($50), only to service.
  • Postpartum Sealing Ceremony: 15% off (Regular price $300) *ceremony includes Belly Binding.
  • The Ale-inclusive: (Casting, Henna, Photography, Encapsulation, and Postpartum Sealing Ceremony) 25% off total (A value of over $900 for much less!)