37 weeks … Surrendering


I have to admit I have abandoned my blog a bit this pregnancy but I want to give all of you a quick update of what’s been going on. We’ve been busy getting ready to welcome our little one, nesting, and sewing lots of Bengkung Belly Binds! I can barely believe I’m already 37 weeks and that soon we’ll be holding and meeting our sweet baby! It’s so exciting! 

Preparing for the arrival of our baby has been different than past pregnancies. This time I feel very relaxed and focused on what needs to be done. This week we are taking everything out of our bedroom and deep cleaning the carpet! On Friday, I’ll be honored with a Blessingway and then my calendar seems wide open for when little baby decides to show up.  We as a family have envisioned March 7th to be the day our baby will be born. We all agreed that it would be nice to have the baby be born on a Friday after the kids come back from school. They would come home to find me in labor, around dinner time we meet our baby, and then everyone goes to bed and we have the whole weekend together to enjoy the newest member of our family. Doesn’t sound like a great plan?! We’ll see if this little one is on board with our vision! I am surrendering to the possibilities!

As part of our preparation for birthing, this past weekend my husband and I went on a pre baby getaway. We left the kids with my parents and drove two and a half hours away to Venice Beach, FL were we enjoyed 3 days of sleeping in, swimming in a heated pool, drumming and dancing on the beach at sunset, finding shark’s teeth, and eating lots of seafood! We even got to see a dolphin very close to shore on our last day there. It was amazing! I think all couples deserve a time away by themselves (whether they already have kids or not) to reconnect with each other and just have some vacation time before the arrival of a new baby. We came back refreshed and more mentally prepared for what lies ahead of us in the next month or so.


Swimming in Venice Beach, FL

Other things I’ve done this time around to honor my journey are:  A Belly Castwhich will become a belly bowl that we’ll use as the Salt Bowl at my Blessingway later this week. Pregnancy Photography, with two of my very talented photographer friends! Miriphoto and Fresca Foto. Belly Henna, done by another talented friend of mine from World Henna. Pregnancy massages by various healing hands (including my wonderful husband and children). And Chiropractic adjustments which have REALLY helped me with the lower back discomfort created by carrying around 40 extra pounds. Check out Beyond Chiropractic who is having their grand opening event tomorrow with lots of good fun!

Mother NaturAle

Taking in all the goodness by Miriphoto


Feeling beautiful and full of life by Fresca Foto


Flowering Earth by World Henna

I am really looking forward to the next couple of weeks where we will continue to build our warm sweet nest as we wait for our baby to be born. In the meantime, I will make the effort to keep posting and then of course the big announcement will follow! Stay tuned!

Love & light!

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