Sacred Pregnancy Classes!


Most women find themselves wishing for something MORE as they experience pregnancy. More understanding, more community, more being heard, more ritual, more food, more dance, more honoring! Sacred Pregnancy classes are that “MORE”, it redefines the journey of pregnancy, taking it deeper into the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of not only growing a new life, but finding a sisterhood to share it with . Mother NaturAle is proud to co-facilitate, along with Ellen Dostie from E. Rose Services, the first series of Sacred Pregnancy classes in Orlando, “Pregnancy Journey”. This series is an 8 week journey for expecting mamas to explore their paths through art, expression, laughter, honoring and celebration with the intention to empower each other and witness each others process during this powerFULL time of their journeys into motherhood. Classes are starting on Monday Oct 28th at Shine On Yoga! To find more information about what the classes are, pricing, and registration; please visit our Sacred Pregnancy page. There’s a special discount for those mamas who register first!


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  1. My husband and I had the most amazing experience with Alejandra. She and her beautiful family were so welcoming to us in their home for a most relaxing henna belly session. Alejandra offered me pregnancy tea and a most comfortable couch to rest my prego body on with my husband at my side. Soft music played in the background and made for an even deeper sense of comfort. We had an idea of what we wanted and Alejandra was able to draw it up relatively fast along with some really creative suggestions we decided to add to the belly art. She was absolutely gentle and kind and most importantly an outstanding artist. She is an expert at her craft and her personality shines! The henna felt so cool and calming on my belly as Alejandra makes the finest and all organic henna. My henna belly lasted a good two weeks or more and made for beautiful pregnancy photos that we will cherish forever. Thank you Alejandra for more than just an experience but helping us make memories we will have and be able to share with our little one when he is old enough.

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