Wise Woman Tradition


Last October I had the joyful experience of participating in the SouthEast Woman’s herbal conference in beautiful Black Mountain, NC. This annual conference is a weekend for women to learn, connect, and deepen into the Wise Woman Tradition . . . earth-based healing, local plants, & deep nourishment. The Wise Woman tradition is based on nourishment and self-love, and rather than seeing disease as our enemy or the body as dirty and in need of cleansing, in the Wise Woman Tradition health is viewed as a spiral, ever-evolving, always returning to itself, but never at the same place. It shows health as a flexible state, never static. The symbol of the spiral represents the belief that life is spiraling, ever-changing while disease and injury are doorways to change. Where good health may be freedom from disease, but it is also openness to change, flexibility, and compassionate embodiment, even when dancing with cancer or healing from a serious accident. Uniqueness rather than normalcy. Not a cure, but an integration; not the elimination of the bad, but a nourishing of wholeness, health, holiness.

This year I’ll be going back and I’m bringing part of my tribe with me! I am beyond exited to spend a weekend away with my sisters at this beautiful magical mountain and I can’t wait to reconnect with the Wise Woman within!

Join in the fun http://www.sewisewomen.com/womens_herbal_conference/index.php

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