The Birth of an Angel


On the day before her due date, Sara texted me somewhere around 6 am but my phone was acting up and I didn’t get her message. I woke up around 7 to find out she was in early labor. I got ready and arrived at Sara’s house around 10:30. It was a beautiful Sunday morning on a Spring day. Sara had been having contractions since earlier that morning and they were consistently getting more intense as the afternoon rolled in. We set up the birth tub in their bedroom, lined with positive birth affirmations and filled it up with the warm waters that would soon welcome Sara and Kent’s third child. We paced around their home as Sara welcomed the waves that brought her closer to meeting her baby.  Her transition was beautiful to witness. She trusted the process and listened to her body. From lounging on the stairs, to walking around the lake in the company of her sweet husband who didn’t leave her side and supported her throughout, Sara made it to the birthing pool to birth her baby soon after her water was broken and pushed instinctively accompanied by beautiful sounds. Brecken Liam Waugh was born at home in the water on April 29, 2012 onto the chest of his strong beautiful mama. I feel so blessed to have witness such a beautiful birth and to continue to see him grow and be part of his life. I’m so grateful!

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